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ON-LINE PAY STUBS Your pay stub and annual W-2 is accessible through an on-line application called pay. Our payroll service bureau, ADP, maintains this website. You first have to register, and then
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This step can take 20 minutes or up to 48 hours depending on the length of the check. PERSONAL PAY STUBS PERSONAL PAY TERMS A PERSONAL PAY TERMS is a statement on your W-2 for the year as of the date you earned wages. It gives you a quick snapshot of the amount you can expect to be owed each week. The Personal Pay Statement should be mailed to you every 5 years or so. The personal statement will be the most reliable way of learning your exact Social Security and Railroad Retirement benefits for the year. You can print out a copy of your Personal Pay Statements for a fee from: MUST READ SECTION A: When You Receive W-2 information for the year, be sure and look at Schedule E (for the current year). You will see your base pay and the difference between that and the pay for your pay grade. Pay deductions from base pay include: “Wage Deferral,” “Wage Credit,” “Sickness and Health Insurance,” and “Qualified Education expenses.” MUST READ SECTION B: The base pay amounts are not the minimum wage. For example, a 7.25 an hour worker who averages 8.00 an hour the last 30 weeks of an 18-month pay period has a minimum wage of 9.18 an hour. MUST READ SECTION C: The amount paid for overtime is the “actual hours worked plus regular compensation.” “Uniformed Employees Are Not Subject” to the overtime pay requirements. MUST READ SECTION D: See Pay and Hour Instructions, section 9.1. For a full explanation of the “hourly rate of pay” and “salary,” see Wage & Hour Division's website. For an explanation of “basic” wages and “basic” and “alternative” wages, see the Pay section in the Wages & Hours pamphlet. MUST READ SECTION E: Wages are computed daily from the time employees start work to the time they complete each of eight weekly, 52-workweek periods. This is called the pay period used in the calculation of “total compensation.” In this case, the total compensation of an employee is his/her gross wages earned during the pay period.
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Hello this is Justin Brown from the pay stubs comm in this video I'll show you how to quickly and easily create a pay stub using our tool which automatically does all the calculations for you and generates a professional pay stub document the page is split into two important sections to the right we have the preview pane which updates automatically while inserting your information in the form, and you could click on the image to enlarge it the watermark will be removed from your final stub, and you'll be able to change the stub template in the next step you can always hover on any input for explanation start by selecting the state where the employee or contractor resides choose the correct status employee or contractor then insert the person's full name and last four digits of their social security number you can add optional information such as the person's address employee or contractor ID marital status number of dependents and exemptions continue by inserting the company name and optionally the address phone number and E I n number in the salary sections start by selecting whether the employee is paid on an hourly or fixed salary basis then choose the pay frequency for hourly employees enter their hourly rate for salaried employees enter their annual salary next you can add as many pay dates is needed and modify their dates each pay date will have its own separate pay stub in case of an hourly employee you must also specify the hours work for each pay date for hourly employees enter their schedule information whether they work on a varied or fixed schedule for salaried employees choose if you want to show the effective hourly rate on the stub check this box if the employee was hired during the current year and specify their hire date you can add additional additions and deductions such as bonuses overtime pay and tax refunds to add an addition fill out the description select which pay date it applies to and enter the current amount and the year-to-date amount note that taxes withheld will be zero for contractors last but not least you can replace the automatically generated check numbers for each pay date don't forget to enter your email address on which you will receive your generated pay stubs if you ever get stuck anywhere you can contact us via live chat or phone for instant support now that you're done filling the form press to submit information button to customize and finalize your stub on this page you have a selection of stub templates to choose from choose which template fits your needs once done you'll be able to validate your final stubs right under you can press the Edit information button to go back to the form page and edit any missing or incorrect information finally view your order details and select which payment method you'd like to use click the checkout button to complete your payment and download your pay stubs once you are on the download stub page you'll find on the left the download options available to you and on...
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